Bollywood director Ramesh Soni on how the film ‘Gandhi’ is the story of ‘Aap ki karta’

In a film which was inspired by the story ‘Aamir Khan’ and the book ‘Ganesh Kastur’ of the same name, Bollywood filmmaker Rameshat Soni, on the set of ‘GANDHI’ is telling the story “of a man with a heart of gold” and “a warrior who fought on the battlefields of Kashmir”.

Soni is directing ‘GANESH KASTUR’, the second movie of his ‘Aaadi-e-Maadu-e Jai’ project.

“Gandhas’ story of freedom, love, courage, honour and honourable death, which was told in this film, will be part of our culture for many generations,” Soni said.

Soni’s film is the first movie from the ‘Aaj Ki Mahal’ (All India Film Development) team and was first screened in 2017 in New Delhi and Bangalore.

He had to make it in the ‘Bollywood’ format to get the film made.

The first movie was ‘Bhagya-aadikar’ (The Battle of Bhopal), which had an original screenplay by Ramesha Soni.

“I wanted to give an alternative version of that story, but the film was shot in Hindi, so the script had to be adapted to the Bollywood language,” Sonini said.

Soni had previously directed ‘Aashish’ (Abandoned), a movie about a girl’s struggle to survive after her parents died in a road accident.

The film ‘Aadikars’ (An Inconvenient Truth) was shot on location in Karnataka and was a documentary on the death of a girl in an accident in India’s northern state of Odisha.

Sonis son, Akshay, was in the film and played a role in it.

The Bollywood actor also directed ‘Pranab’ (Daughters) in the city of Mumbai, and ‘Aarushi’ (Beauty) in Mumbai, with Akshaya also appearing in ‘Ganda-aadi’ (Gandha).

Soni is a member of the Bajrang Dal, an organisation which fights for the right to a voice in the Bihari language.

In its first film, ‘Aalai Ki Pani’, which premiered in Mumbai in 2018, it was the first Bollywood film to have no Hindi characters in the title.

Sonis film ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, which was released in 2017, was directed by actor-writer Naseem Kapoor and features a Bollywood heroine who is an avid bhakti.

Sonuis movie ‘Sangeet Chaturvedi’ (Mumbai Story) was also a B-movie which is based on a novel by G.K. Seshadri.

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