Fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, a healthy diet: What’s next for basil growing in Australia?

Fresh basil and fresh tomatoes are just two of the things that you can expect to see in Basil Grow Light’s new garden in the Gold Coast.

A local growing business has already signed up to grow the growing seasonals and a couple of small organic farmers are already looking to start producing the herbs.

The plan is to grow as many as 20 varieties of basil each year.

“I am very excited about this new season,” Basil Grow light co-founder and CEO Andrew Smith said.

“This year we will be doing two varieties of fresh basil and a fresh tomato each season, which is the first year we are doing this in this particular region of Australia.”

It’s all part of Basil Grow’s new, more sustainable and organic gardening program.

The first season of basil will last until September, the second until December and the third until March.

“It is a really good time to start planting basil because there are a lot of herbs out there that have really high value for the garden,” Mr Smith said, noting that the basil variety they will be growing will have a higher protein value than some other varieties.

“The whole point is that we are not going to be eating basil anymore and the people that will grow basil are not necessarily the people who are going to use basil in cooking.”

Fresh basil grows at Basil Growlight, where it is sold as a fresh herb.

For Mr Smith, the growing seasons have always been about the plants and what they can offer for the local community.

“We are all about the people,” he said.

“We are really committed to sustainability, we are really passionate about it, and we are also really focused on the people.”

Mr Smith is also hoping to increase the amount of basil sold through the basil growl.

It is currently the only basil growing business in Australia and a few years ago, the grower had no money to run his business.

“There was no way we could do it.

The only thing that was really keeping us going was the support of our local community and the love of the community,” Mr Clark said.

In the past, the basil grows were sold in the local supermarkets, but Mr Smith was not sure if the current prices were sustainable.

“In some of the local markets, there is a price point that we think is very sustainable and reasonable,” he explained.

However, he has started selling Basil Growlights wholesale, which will cost between $30 and $50 for a six-month supply.

The cost will depend on the type of basil and the size of the growl, but if the growls grow at an average rate of about one per week, that will cost $150-$200.

“So we are looking to sell them in our local markets and in the supermarkets,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones and Mr Clark also have a few other products in the pipeline.

One of the growing varieties of Basil grows in a greenhouse in the grow room at Basil.

Source: Basil GrowLight (CA) store page Mr Smith said he was very interested in the market of the future and that Basil Grow Lights has been a very good partner.

“One of our customers is an Australian dairy farmer and they have bought Basil Grow lights and are growing it in their farm, and they are happy with it,” he noted.

“And Basil Grow is selling it for them, so it is a good way of giving back.”

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