Growing basil in Florida’s Lake Worth

Growing basil can be a challenge for some growers, as it requires the plant to be watered regularly.

That’s why Florida-based recently launched a new basil garden in Lake Worth.

Owner and grower Michael McKeon said growing basil is the easiest thing in the world to grow in Florida.

He said he learned to grow basil by watching people in the fields around him grow it.

He said growing the plant in Florida has a lot to do with the temperature.

He’s also lucky because growing basil requires water that’s always fresh.

“We’re going to be doing all the water, so we’re always on the water,” he said.

“You know when you’re growing the plants, you’re not going to get the best results.

You’re not gonna get the same yields,” he added.

“I think the climate is also very important.”

Growing basil can also be a problem for some farmers.

Growing it in Florida requires the plants to be hydrated.

McKean said he doesn’t use a lot of fertilizers because the water is always fresh and the plants grow best when the water runs.

“If you can’t water your plants in Florida, then it’s really hard to grow the basil in the states that do,” he explained.

“In Florida, we have very high humidity and a lot more water than we do in other parts of the country.

You have to be able to get those humidity levels to do that.

If you can get that humidity level, then you’re going with the best chance of doing the best basil,” he continued.

Growing basil in Lake Patrick, FL, also takes a lot longer than growing in Florida or other areas of the world.

McLeod said growing in Lake Okeechobee takes six months instead of one.

“It’s a long time,” he joked.

“It’s just a lot different than growing basil on a hill.

The only thing that we have in common is the water.”

Growing the basil is a challenge that can’t be avoided, but it’s also a great opportunity for growers in the Sunshine State to learn how to grow their own.

“There are a lot [of people] out there that just don’t understand basil,” McLeod explained.

“The best thing to do is to grow it and then learn from people who have done it before.”

He said he thinks that people need to learn more about basil because growing it is a great way to learn about it.

“The basil plant grows in all the different parts of Florida and it’s actually quite a versatile plant,” he noted.

“You can grow it anywhere, it can grow anywhere.”

“You can plant it in pots in your yard and it can take on all kinds of different shapes and sizes,” McKeons comments.

“There are people out there who are just trying to learn to grow and that’s really unfortunate.

We need to start educating people more about what the different plants look like and what the differences are.”

Growing a basil plant in Lake Hernando, FL is just the beginning.

He added that there are also a lot growers out there in the area who are doing things in an environmentally friendly way, which is what he wants to see in Florida as well.

“This is a growing trend, so it’s a good thing,” he stated.

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