Growing Purple Basil in Tucson

Growing purple basil is a great way to give your garden a bit of a treat this spring and summer.

In fact, you could even use this garden-friendly basil as an alternative to wintergreen plants.

Here’s how to grow purple basil in your garden.

How to Grow Purple Basil: Purple basil is an evergreen perennial plant that grows up to two feet tall.

The color of the plant depends on the light level and weather.

It can be pink, red, purple or blue depending on how much shade it receives.

The flower is pink or yellow and the fruit is purple.

It blooms at different times of the year depending on the season.

You can grow purple a few feet from the ground or grow it indoors.

The flowers are red and have a purple bloom on them.

You’ll find purple basil growing on grasses, hedges and lawns.

You should also see purple basil as a perennial.

In addition to growing in gardens, purple basil can be planted on fences, fences, shrubs, flower beds, or even in containers to create indoor gardening containers.

There are many different kinds of purple basil that can be grown in your backyard, but purple basil needs a lot of sun to bloom.

The green part of the flower is yellow, which is the color of water, but the red part of its flower is purple, so if you want to get a lot more sunlight, plant it in a shady location with plenty of shade.

If you’re growing a purple basil plant in your yard, be sure to place the flower on a sunny spot in the garden to get as much sunlight as possible.

Once the flowers bloom, the purple part of them will turn yellow as well.

So, just wait until the sun has cleared and the purple parts of the flowers have turned red.

When they turn red, the rest of the basil will start to turn brown and the rest will turn white.

If the basil has been growing in a cool place with plenty in the shade, the brown parts of its blossoms will turn browner and turn white in the summer.

This means the basil won’t be blooming when you want it to, and you’ll have to start over.

Here’s how you can grow your own purple basil:For more gardening tips and inspiration, be on the lookout for my new book, Growing Gardening Tips for Beginners, published by Amazon.

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