How to grow basil in small pots

Growing basil in smaller pots can make it easy to consume basil without having to waste food.

The growing method is called a “chili” growing, and it has become a favorite among the growing community.

The first time I saw this method on a YouTube video, I thought it was pretty crazy.

It involves cutting a basil plant with a pair of scissors and holding the plant in place with the stem and leaf.

The basil will grow up the stem, then out of the stem into the pot, as shown in the video above.

The cuttings are held in place by the stem with a rubber band around the stem.

This is the most basic and easy method for growing basil, but the basil can grow bigger.

The process of growing basil is very similar to how you grow spinach.

You start by cutting a large piece of basil, then you slice off the top portion and make a little slice of basil that is smaller than the base.

Then you cut a little piece of the base and make another slice.

You keep going until you’ve made all the slices and then you make a smaller piece of base and slice it off.

This will eventually give you a smaller base and larger slice of base.

The best way to keep basil growing is to cut a small piece of each piece, slice it, and then slice the remaining piece.

This process will continue until you have a large, very thin, thick piece of stem.

You can keep a basil growing plant in this way for as long as you want.

In this video, the basil growing process was described as:You can see the basil is growing into a very thin and thick base.

If you want to see it in action, you can watch the video below.

The growing method uses basil leaves as the main ingredient.

The leaves are sliced into small pieces and then dried in the sun.

When the basil has dried, it is dried into a pulp that is used to make basil seed.

The dried basil seeds can be eaten raw, or they can be used as a sauce.

If the seeds are eaten raw they will become a little bitter, but they are edible as long they are properly dried.

You can use basil seeds to make your own basil soup.

I used the dried seeds to add a little basil flavor to my own homemade soup.

In the next video, you will see how to grow a large basil plant in a large pot.

You will need to cut off a piece of a small basil plant and make your basil seed, then make a base out of it.

You will then slice off a slice of the seed and then make another cut.

The slice will form a base that you can use to make a larger basil plant.

You want to make sure that you have enough basil seeds in your growing container.

You may also want to cut the seeds off of a few other basil plants.

The basil seed can be dried in a pot.

You want to ensure that the seeds don’t have an overly bitter flavor.

You don’t want to let the seeds sit out too long in a dark pot, or you could get them stuck in the pot too long.

I didn’t bother with this, but I’d definitely be careful about drying basil seeds.

Next, you need to make some basil.

You should have about five basil plants in a container, so cut off one of each plant and place it in the basil seed pouch.

You then cut the basil into pieces.

Make sure that the pieces are about an inch long.

When you cut each basil piece, you want it to be about half an inch thick, so make sure it’s about a quarter of an inch.

You’ll want to start with a smaller basil piece.

You are going to cut it into two pieces, so the first piece should be about an ounce in size, the second one about two ounces, and the third one about three ounces.

Next you’ll make a basil soup using the seeds.

You’re going to want to divide the seeds in half, and make the first half of the soup into a big soup, and a smaller soup.

You also want the soup to be at least a half an ounce.

The seeds in a basil seed bag should be at the same temperature as the basil.

The smaller the seed, the more flavorful the soup will be.

You might want to put them in a little baggie or a small plastic bag to keep them cool.

In a few more videos, I will show you how to use basil seed as a condiment.

This one uses a combination of basil seeds and chives.

The chives are used to flavor the basil, and they also make a nice addition to a salad.

Here is the video for the first time, and you can see a lot of basil growing.

I was a little disappointed when I saw that basil grew into a little chunk of potting soil.

It was almost like basil grew a

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