The plant that grew in a box has been dubbed ‘the world’s fastest growing’

Growing in a cardboard box is an old trick for many gardeners, and the world’s largest basil plant, named Basil, has proved a hit.

The plant was grown in a plastic box at the University of Melbourne in the US, where it was named after a botanist, Basil, because of its large size.

Its growth rate has been around 50 per cent a year for years.

The Australian Department of Agriculture said the plant had grown in Melbourne for the past three years and the first three months of this year was the largest on record.

In Australia, the plant is often grown in containers or under the cover of darkness.

Scientists say Basil is able to reproduce by eating roots and using the nutrients from its leaves.

It grows on a sandy soil with a good water-holding capacity of 5 to 10 litres per metre.

At least, that’s what researchers say.

They have been looking into the ability of basil to produce the necessary enzymes for plant growth, so it can grow in containers.

Professor John Aplin from the Department of Botany and Horticulture at the Australian National University said they were now studying the ability to produce enzymes in the plant itself.

“The main question is what is it doing to the plant, what are its nutritional requirements, what is its nutritional profile,” he said.

He said the researchers were looking into how Basil works.

Aplin said it’s difficult to know what the plant does inside its box.

“There’s no way to know if they’re actually growing or if they’ve just got a box and they’ve got a little space inside it.

There are some questions about the structure of the box, how does it hold the plant in place, how do they maintain the soil in a container and then there’s some questions around what are the nutrients it’s getting and the conditions it’s in,” he told ABC News Breakfast.”

It’s really an exciting and exciting area of research.”

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