‘This isn’t a joke’: Growing basil in Houston’s basil growing zone

Growing basil is becoming a booming industry in the Houston area, and now a growing group of gardeners and gardeners is doing their part.

A growing group has come together to grow and sell basil seeds, and they’ve also started selling basil flowers.

In order to grow basil in the growing zone, it needs to be brought to a specific location that’s not within walking distance of the main street, and that location is called the growing area.

There are two types of growing areas in the city, a small one called the houston garden, and a larger one that is called a basil growing area, located in the heart of Houston’s CBD.

The city is taking a hard look at basil, which has become an extremely popular plant for gardeners around the world.

The city has already approved the use of basil seeds in the basil growing zones of the city.

This is because basil is so popular in Houston, the growing areas are already popular and there’s no need for additional growth, said Tom Hickey, president of the Houston Garden Council.

“The growth of basil is very significant in the area,” he said.

“It’s one of the hottest vegetables in the world, and we’ve had it grow from its humble beginnings in Mexico to being one of our national treasures.”

In the city’s basil zone, growing the seeds is a labor-intensive process.

The seed is soaked in water for several days, then the basil plants are left to germinate in a controlled environment.

It takes two to three weeks for the basil to grow, which is around 7 inches tall, but once it does, the basil plant is ready for sale.

Hickey said it’s important to grow the basil in a growing area that is at least a quarter-mile from the main streets of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Hickey said the growing zones are already growing basil at a rate of 20 to 30 tons per day, and the city is adding another planting zone every few weeks to ensure that it continues to grow.

The growing zones also have an outdoor area, where the growing plants can be grown on a sunny day.

Hitting the right soil conditions will help the plants to survive the winter months, which are typically the coldest time of the year.

Hicky said the basil industry is growing quickly and it will soon be in the hands of those who want to grow it in the garden, not just in the hulking basil growing areas.

“It’s about time we get it into the hands and the gardens of people who want it and don’t care for it,” he told The Texas Tribune.

Haney said basil is already selling well in the gardening world, but he’s hopeful that more cities will be open to growing basil.

The growing area has been established by the Houston Horticultural Society and the Houston Food and Wine Garden Council, and there are other growers in the areas, as well.

Hodge said they’re looking for new growers who want basil seeds.

He said they want to have the seeds planted, but they can’t give them away until the area is in a growth zone.

The Houston Horticulture Society said it hopes to see more gardens grow basil next year.

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