What to know about basil growing time

For more than two decades, basil plants have been grown for their aromatic seeds and for their medicinal uses.

But the plant’s roots are now being studied to see if they can be used for other purposes, including for the creation of biofuels and even as a food source for humans.

In the United States, where the plant is grown in the wild, the plants have become the focus of intense research, with the goal of making the plants more sustainable and of creating new crops that are safer and more nutritious.

But there are many questions about how much of the plant the researchers can actually grow.

For instance, the researchers are studying how long it takes to turn the leaves into biofuel, which is a critical ingredient for fuel cells.

How long will the leaves last?

Will they turn brown and lose their smell?

What are the environmental and health risks of using the plant as a biofuel source?

How do they make biofuel?

Can they extract the oil from the plant and turn it into a fuel?

And what is the cost of growing the plants for such a long period of time?

For a plant to be used as a fuel source, the oil must be extracted, and scientists have been trying to figure out how to do this safely.

And while biofuel is a key part of biofuel technology, there are other aspects that need to be considered, including the use of waste.

What are biofuel plants and how do they work?

Biolab, an international nonprofit that develops sustainable farming techniques, has been researching the plant since the 1990s, and has produced a series of papers about how to grow the plant for fuel.

The main goal of the research is to understand the chemical composition of the oil and to figure if it can be extracted from the oil.

In fact, the team is hoping to find out more about how oil is extracted from these plants and what the chemical makeup of the extract can be, the New York Times reported.

Biolabs team is using a technique called “biomass” that can be applied to many different types of crops, including wheat, sugar beets, beans and rice.

The biofuel plants are also growing on trees, which can be grown in a variety of different climates and growing conditions, the Times reported, and they have been growing in a greenhouse.

The greenhouse is the largest part of the process.

The plants can be planted in a specific spot in the greenhouse, and it takes around 10 days for the oil to be extracted.

To get the oil out of the plants, they need to burn some biomass.

To do that, the plant needs to be heated.

The heat is produced by a process called “radiation.”

When the plant gets heated up, it releases water, which then is released into the atmosphere.

The water vapor from the water vapor causes the oil in the plant to evaporate.

That water is the fuel for the process, and the plant can burn it when it’s not hot.

So how much energy is being released?

According to a report by the American Chemical Society, the amount of energy released from the process is about 1.6 million kilowatts, which works out to about about 5,000 horsepower.

That’s about the same amount of electricity that would be produced by burning fossil fuels like coal.

A team of scientists at the University of Rochester, which has been studying the biofuel process since 2007, has come up with an estimate that it would take between 2.5 and 10 days to extract all the oil that is used to make biofuil.

In a separate study, the University at Buffalo researchers estimated that it took the plant up to 10 years to extract 100 percent of the oils from a crop.

In a study published in Nature Plants in November 2016, researchers from the University University of California at Davis, Cornell University and the University College London found that when a plant is heated to a certain temperature, the heat causes the plant cells to convert some of the heat energy into carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide that the plant releases can then be used to produce energy for the plant, the paper reported.

So, how long does it take to get the energy from the heat?

That depends on the species of plant.

For wheat, for instance, there’s a lot of different types that can grow at different temperatures, and depending on the temperature, they can use different types or different chemical reactions to convert the heat to energy.

The plant can take up to a year to grow, the scientists said.

In addition, it’s important to understand what happens to the plant after the heat is released.

In the case of wheat, they used heat-resistant media, which means that when the plant goes out of its natural environment, the media doesn’t degrade.

The plant’s carbon dioxide production can then continue without any degradation.

So what is it like growing in the heat of the greenhouse?

For starters, the temperature is high, so

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