Grow basil from seed from stem

Grow basil is a popular ingredient in many recipes.

It’s a natural component of soups, salads and many dishes.

However, the plant is not edible, and its seeds cannot be eaten.

Now a team of scientists from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has developed a technique that allows them to grow basil seeds from stem.

The team hopes to use this technology to grow the plant into edible plants that can be sold as food.

“Our research shows that we can grow basil directly from stem,” said lead researcher and postdoctoral fellow Ramesh Rupesh.

“And that means we can get the plant to grow in the lab and then harvest it and then plant it in a greenhouse.”

The study is published in the journal Plant Biology.

In addition to the seeds, the team is working to grow and test seeds in the laboratory.

“We’re hoping to get seeds in a lab that will be able to test for the presence of the gene for the basil enzyme, which we’ll hopefully use to make seeds from a larger variety of seeds,” said co-author Rameshi Sivakumar, a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology.

In this photo taken Monday, Feb. 23, 2018, the basil seedling grows in the greenhouse.

Researchers are hoping to grow seeds in an industrial greenhouse.

Photo credit: University of Washington, MadisonThe researchers used a method called genetic cloning, which is a process in which a gene is spliced into a plant genome.

They are hoping that by doing so, they can grow and grow-test the genes in the basil.

In order to do this, the scientists need to have a specific combination of genes to produce the desired variety of basil.

The genes are then combined to produce seeds that are either a genetic variant of the original variety or from another variety.

The team hopes that their work will lead to an improved process that can produce varieties that are better suited to growing commercially.

For now, the researchers are hoping their work can provide a step in the right direction for the development of better basil products.

“This is really just the beginning of this work, so we really want to start getting a better understanding of how to grow plants from stem and get them to a plant that can actually be eaten,” said Sivaksumar.

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