Why is the basil in the grocery store so fresh?

In this Feb. 9, 2018 photo, a woman holds a bag of fresh basil from the basil growing season in the town of Gioia di Vicenti, near Rome, Italy.

The Italian capital is home to the world’s largest basil growing region.

More than 1 million acres of basil are grown annually by the city’s growers.

The city of Giosia, in the Veneto region, is the second largest basil producing region in Europe after Naples, Italy, according to the IUCN Red List.

In Giosa di Vicenta, where the growing season is in its second half, the town has an annual population of more than 30,000, with more than 60,000 living in apartments, restaurants and hotels, according the city council.

A small number of families live in apartments and some live in hotels, but the majority of residents are still housed in their homes, said city council member Graziano Cappellini.

In the town, the basil that is grown is grown by growers in the neighboring towns of Gioconda and Viterbo, which are both on the Iberian Peninsula, according local newspaper La Repubblica.

The basil grows at a time when tourism is booming, Cappllini said.

The basil that gets into the grocery stores is from growers in Giocondo and Vittorio Vigini in the city of Vicenza, where it is sold in restaurants, shops and bars, according a report in the newspaper.

The Italian city of Rome is home and the region that is part of the basil producing regions of Giazza San Marco, which is a small town in the north of the city.

The region of Giambologna, where basil is grown, is located in the heart of the Italian city.

The area is considered one of the most biodiverse in the country and its basil is produced by more than 20 different species, including a number of different types of red clover, the city government said in a news release.

The local basil is exported to Europe as basil leaves and to Italy as basil paste.

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