10 tips to grow your own Italian basil

Growing your own food is a popular way of life in Italy.

But many locals are now looking to supplement their local produce with local produce grown locally.

Here are 10 tips that could make a difference.1.

The best basil you can eat is the most expensiveThe basil you buy in Italy can cost you up to €1,000.

And the price can go up.

In some parts of Italy, basil can sell for as little as €2.50.

This is because basil can have a lot of nutrients, and is a very low cost crop, says Alessandro Cianciotti, the founder of the Italian basil growing company The Basil Factory.2.

The price of basil can fluctuateWith the price of a tonne of basil going up and down, this is a great time to pick a new grower.

But if you buy it at the lowest possible price, it will end up being expensive, says Cianlliotti.3.

You need a few more plants in your gardenThe amount of basil you need to grow can vary considerably.

According to Cianini, the number of plants you need can range from three to six.

So if you’re growing basil at home, you might need to get three to five plants.4.

The cheapest basil you’ll findIn Italy, you can pick basil from only a few locations: the largest, Cipriani in Genoa, is just five hectares.

However, many of the smaller basil grows have very few leaves.

So this makes it much easier to buy local basil.5.

It’s a lot cheaper than buying from a supermarketOne of the best ways to pick basil locally is to buy it from a local grower and grow it in your own garden.

But you also need to check to make sure that the basil you’re buying is grown in the right place.

The basil you choose can have lots of nutrients and it’s easy to see what’s good for you.

Cianciotta says that if you want to save money, try to buy basil grown at a larger number of sites.

You can get a bigger variety of basil at a smaller number of growers, and it will cost you less.6.

You’re likely to get a good price if you keep it at homeYou can get basil from a variety of sources.

You might buy basil from small, local growers, or you might pick it from the supermarket.

But this will likely mean that you’re paying a much higher price, because the basil has a higher chance of being lost or damaged.

Cicciotti recommends picking basil grown in a location that is close to the town.

This will make it more likely that the soil will be healthy, and the basil will have a more uniform texture, which means that you won’t be using pesticides and herbicides.7.

You may be able to get more basil at cheaper pricesIf you’re going to buy fresh basil, you should pay attention to the price, says the Basil Factory’s Cianni.

If the price is right, and you’re getting the basil for free, you may be getting a lot more than you bargained for.

“But if the price isn’t right, then it’s worth keeping a closer eye on it,” he says.

If you want more, you’ll need to keep track of the price and the quality of the basil that you buy.

If you want a high quality basil, it might be better to go to a local farmer, rather than the supermarket, says John Delgado, the head of the food research at the Food Safety Institute.

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