How to grow basil in the winter

Growing basil outside of Australia is a great way to grow a great variety of different varieties of the herb.

It also offers a fantastic way to use up an extra harvest of your precious basil seed.

The best way to harvest basil seed is to use a basil harvester, a very popular and reliable tool for harvesting basil.

The Basil HarvesterThere are two different types of basil harvesters, the long-handled and the short-handled.

The long-handle harvesters are usually used by gardeners and gardeners are often the ones using them to harvest the seed.

They are typically made of wood, bamboo or other wood and are very sturdy.

The short-handle is used by farmers and gardenists.

The long-hand harvesteers use the same kind of wood as the short handle harvests and can handle a lot more basil.

They can be used to harvest as much as 100kg of basil seed per year, so it’s a great option for those who want to grow their own basil seeds.

The basil harveters are a little expensive, however.

The most common type of basil harvesters is a short-hand harvest and this one has been around for quite a while.

This harvesting tool is very easy to use.

Simply hold the long handle over a pestle, press the seed into the long end of the pestle and then pull the harvestter out.

It’s simple and straightforward.

To harvest basil, the harvester needs to have a good amount of air in the harvests area.

The best place to start harvesting basil seed in Australia is on a sunny, well-ventilated and well-maintained day.

The harvestes are typically placed on top of the garden in a sunny location.

You should be able to see the harvets with the naked eye if the sun is shining.

The basil seed will need to be stored in a cool and dry place in order to keep the seeds safe.

You will need a container of fresh water and an airtight container.

You can store basil seed and basil seeds in plastic bags or bags of flour or any other kind of container that will be well-sealed and airtight.

The airtight containers will hold your basil seed for about three months.

Once the basil seed has been stored for three months, it can be kept for up to six months, depending on the seed size.

The process of harvesting basil seeds can be done at home with a few basic instructions.

You will need:Step 1: Remove the seed from the containerStep 2: Remove seed from containerStep 3: Place basil seed inside a containerStep 4: Seal the container and store in a dry place for at least a yearStep 5: Harvest basil seeds every two monthsStep 6: Use basil seeds to fertilise basil plantsStep 7: Store basil seeds away from other plantsStep 8: Store seed in a warm place for a year

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