Thai basil seedlings ready for harvest

TALBANA, Thailand — The sun is starting to rise over the mountains of western Thailand’s northern region, and it’s time for Thai basil seeds to be harvested.

A handful of the world’s most renowned Asian species have arrived in the country to help grow a new crop of exotic herbs that will be available for export to the United States and Europe.

The basil seedling program is the brainchild of Thai-American entrepreneur and entrepreneur-in-residence, Andy Bouchard.

The plants will be imported from California and shipped to Thailand.

They will be exported and planted in gardens in the U.S. and in Belgium and Spain, where they will become part of the local cuisine.

The seeds are a way to help Thai farmers create new varieties that can compete with those grown in their native homeland.

Bouchard says his aim is to create a new, homegrown crop of the Asian giant, which has been growing since the early 1900s.

He says his idea to grow Thai basil in the United State was inspired by a book he read on the plant, “How to Grow Basil in a Garden.”

He says the book said to grow basil indoors, he needed to know how to grow the plants in a greenhouse.

“It’s a perfect seedling for me to do a business,” Bouchards’ wife, Kelly, said.

She said she hopes the basil will help her husband grow a variety of other Asian plants, such as mint, basil, chives and other herbs.

“I know he’s going to grow tomatoes and tomatoes are going to be used in Thai cooking,” she said.

“And I think basil will be a big part of Thai food in the future,” Kelly said.

The Thai basil is the first of four new varieties of Asian basil to be cultivated in the world.

The other two, basil-like plants and basil-flavored seeds, are also expected to arrive soon.

The seedlings will be planted in fields that Boucharded has purchased with a $100,000 loan from a friend of his.

Boothard said he was also working on a garden garden of the Thai basil species and hoped to start planting seeds in the fall.

The seeds, which he plans to sell, will be distributed by seed bank.

Bouffard says he wants to use the seeds to promote the Thai Basil Seed Co. and its plant genetics program.

The company has produced seed varieties of basil for a long time.

Boucharde said Thai basil had a long history of breeding for flavor, color, size and texture.

He said Thai Basil is trying to get to the point where the Thai variety has been bred for the entire world.

The idea came from reading a book called “How To Grow Basil,” which describes how to cultivate a variety to the highest quality.

It said to plant a few basil seeds in your garden, they will turn into a seed that is better than the average seed that you can get in the supermarket, Bouchardo said.

He said Thai-Americans can also use the seed to create seedlings in their own garden.

The plant can also be grown indoors.

Bourbon, the California native, grew a basil seed in his home and was able to grow a number of varieties, including Thai basil, basil with pepper and basil with oregano.

“He just said, ‘Let’s see what we can do,'” Bourbon said.

Bours said he decided to plant Thai basil when he moved to the U, because he was intrigued by Thai basil’s appearance.

He is currently growing a few more basil varieties, and wants to create his own, too.

“This is my chance to give back to the Thai-Asian community,” he said.

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