Which Thai basil plant is best for growing indoors?

Growing basil outdoors will give you more flexibility with how you plant your plants.

But if you’re growing basil indoors, you’ll have to be careful not to let it rot or die, says Dr Paul Bremner, of the University of Melbourne, who is leading a study of the plant.

“This basil has been grown for thousands of years, but there is a very high risk of it rot,” he says.

This basil is also known as bak khao or basaltic.

“When it’s dry, it has a really good aroma,” Dr Bremnner says.

“It has a nice fresh smell.”

But if the basil is too wet, it’ll rot.

“Basil can take on a sour taste,” he explains.

The bakkha basil is known for its thick and fragrant scent, so if you can’t smell the basil at all, it’s probably too wet.

“In fact, if you let the basil sit for a few days in a sunny place, the smell will be very strong,” Dr Tran says.

It’s not just the smell, either.

If you’re not careful, you could get a lot of heat and light in your house.

The good news is that the bakky basil doesn’t need much light, so you can make it as a central heating element.

The bad news is, you won’t be able to grow basil in a well-ventilated space.

You’ll need to move it indoors if you want to.

Dr Trans advice is to make sure your basil is well-drained before you start growing it.

“When basil is planted, the soil should be well-moistened,” Dr Tran says.

If it’s not, you can dry it out, but then you’ll likely get heat.

If the basil needs more sunlight, the best option is to put it in a shady spot where it can get a good amount of sunlight.

Dr Bresner says the best way to grow bakkinas indoors is to plant them in a pot, which will help retain moisture.

“If you put them in the pot they will need a lot more water, so that’s another way to control humidity,” he adds.

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