Why are basil plants so difficult to grow indoors?

Growing basil outdoors is a bit like growing tomatoes indoors, but with basil instead of tomatoes.

It’s a bit more complicated.

The plants are a hybrid of the two, and in fact, the hybrid has a lot of the characteristics of a true basil.

But growing it indoors is a different story altogether.

In the past, the plant was grown in pots outdoors, which were difficult to keep clean and maintain, said Ana González, a professor of plant biology at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The basil plant is actually more similar to tomatoes, she told Al Jazeera.

The tomato plant has a bulbous stalk, which can be removed to remove its leaves.

However, the basil plant has four small leaves that can grow out of the stem.

In order to grow a basil plant, you have to remove the leaves from the stem, she said.

This leaves the plant with a bulb that’s called a “lemon” or “lid”, and this is the type of basil you grow in a greenhouse.

If you don’t remove the bulb, it can cause the plant to grow out too quickly, Gonzáles said.

It takes a while to mature the basil because it takes time for the seeds to germinate.

The seeds will germinates in the soil in about a month, she added.

There’s also a problem with the basil plants, though, which is that if you do remove the bulbs, they can cause soil to dry out.

This causes the plant that is growing in the greenhouse to die, Gonzales said.

So the best way to grow basil outdoors would be to grow the plants in a soil-less greenhouse, she explained.

There are several other indoor growing options that are possible.

The most popular one is the “greenhouse basil”, which is a hybrid between a tomato and a basil, and is sometimes called “latin basil”.

There are many different basil varieties, and they are very versatile, Gonzas said.

Some varieties are more resistant to disease, such as the Japanese basil, or the French basil, for example.

The Italian basil has been used as a pest control tool since the mid-1900s, and it can be found in many different places around the world, she noted.

If basil is grown outdoors, it would take a little bit more time to get it ready for planting, Gonzagolez said.

However the indoor growing basil is not difficult to do.

You can use an oven to heat the basil seeds up, then place them in a container and place the basil in the container, Gonzares said.

The temperature inside the container will help the basil to germine faster, so it can grow faster.

You just have to keep the container cool.

You’ll also need to keep it away from heat, and humidity, Gonzes said.

Once the basil is planted outdoors, the plants should be ready to harvest in about three months, she pointed out.

When you grow basil indoors, you’ll need to maintain the basil indoors and the climate is likely to be dry, but it should not be too hot, Gonzàlez said, adding that the humidity in your greenhouse should be somewhere around 90% or higher.

This is because it’s important that the basil stays alive and healthy while growing, she suggested.

Growing basil indoors also requires a little more care than growing tomatoes in the field.

Gonzáls said you should use a pest-control product like a pest net, which will catch all of the pests that are on the plant, and keep the basil healthy.

However if you don´t want to spend that much money, she recommended that you try to grow your basil outside.

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