A New Kind of Weed for Cannabinoids: A ‘Taste-Friendly’ Hemp Weed

A strain of hemp that could help combat the growing epidemic of colon cancer is set to be used in a clinical trial to help patients who suffer from the disease.

The study is one of the first clinical trials to show a potential cure for cancer that has yet to be proven effective in other settings.

The researchers from the University of Texas at Austin say that the strain they developed is a safe, effective, and easy-to-grow form of cannabis.

The cannabis has the unique property of having a high CBD level that is not only tolerated by patients but also can act as a natural immune system booster, which is important for people with multiple sclerosis.

Researchers say that this type of cannabis is a potent way to alleviate pain, nausea, and fatigue while also reducing anxiety, depression, and anxiety-related symptoms in people with PTSD.

They believe this strain of cannabis has potential to treat chronic pain and PTSD patients as well as those suffering from other debilitating conditions.

The researchers say that while they have not found a cure for the disease, the strain could offer hope for many people who suffer with anxiety and PTSD.

The strain was grown on a commercial hemp farm in northern California and was tested in a study conducted by a team of researchers at UCLA and the University at Albany.

In this study, the researchers say, they found that the patients treated with the strain had fewer negative side effects compared to people who were not treated.

While the study is still in its early stages, the results are promising, the UCLA researchers said in a statement.

“This is a significant development that represents the first evidence-based clinical trial of a therapeutic marijuana extract in patients with PTSD,” said University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Associate Professor of Psychiatry and the director of the UCLA Comprehensive PTSD Treatment Center, in a written statement.

In addition to being safe and effective, the study also showed that the study group had lower anxiety and depression symptoms, according to UCLA.

The UCLA researchers say they are hopeful that the trial will help other patients who experience PTSD, and hope that it will help those with a wide range of other medical conditions, including those with severe and debilitating medical conditions.

This is an important step toward the development of a cannabinoid treatment that could be used to treat other conditions, such as PTSD, which are caused by a variety of genetic, environmental, and chemical factors, said UCLA professor of Psychiatry David Nutt, in the statement.

The marijuana that is used in the trial is called Lactobacillus helveticus, which means “helper plant.”

This strain was developed in a lab at UCLA, where researchers were able to grow it using traditional, natural methods.

They believe this technique is safe and has proven to be safe to use for patients who have a variety the disease and other conditions.

Researchers said that this strain is a strong alternative to marijuana, because it has the ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors and produce a powerful painkiller, known as Cannabidiol, which works similarly to THC.

It also has the potential to help those who suffer anxiety disorders and PTSD, as well, as an alternative to prescription drugs that do not have high levels of the drug, said Nutt.

The FDA approved the cannabis strain in June 2016, with the approval to be expanded to other states in 2019.

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