Grow basil from seeds

Growing basil from sesame seeds has the potential to provide an alternative to conventional fertilizers, according to a study led by the University of Bristol.

The research was published in PLOS ONE on April 29, 2017.

The scientists from the School of Biological Sciences and the University’s Centre for Integrative Biology and Molecular Biology studied the effect of sesame seed oil on plant growth and toxicity.

They found that sesame oil reduces the risk of pests and diseases, and also has potential as a safe alternative to fertilizers.

“It has the ability to stimulate the growth of the plant and reduce the need for fertilizers,” said Dr. Stephen Legg, one of the study’s authors and an Associate Professor of Biological and Agricultural Sciences at the University.

“For example, when plants grow with sesame, they are less susceptible to pests.

It can also help in the control of diseases like fungal infections.”

The sesame plant, which is native to Asia, is a member of the genus Apiaceae.

In fact, it is the only genus of edible, medicinal, and edible shrubs in the world.

Growing the plant requires a combination of a combination a soil, a chemical, and heat.

To grow the plant, a sesame sprout needs to be placed in a greenhouse in a hot place for several weeks.

Then, the sesame can be dried.

It is then placed in the greenhouse, and the sesame oil will form a layer of sesamum, a thin oil.

This layer forms a gel that is able to adhere to the plant roots and to the soil.

Sesame oil can also be used to help with drainage, the researchers said.

They said that sesameseed oil has been used for centuries as a fertilizer and is a good option to replace the conventional fertilizer used in modern agriculture.

“Our study shows that sessame oil, which has an anti-nutrient effect, is an effective alternative to fertilizer,” Dr. Legg said.

“This oil can be used for all the different crops and plants, including crops like wheat, soybeans, barley, and peas, as well as the more traditional varieties of grains and legumes.

Sessameseed can also contribute to the sustainability of crops and ecosystems, as it reduces the carbon emissions of these crops.”

The research showed that someseed oil reduced the risk for disease and pest resistance in plants grown with sessameseeds.

However, the authors cautioned that the results were not definitive.

They also cautioned that there was still much to learn about sessome oil.

“Sesame is a difficult oil to obtain in sufficient quantities and quantities for practical use,” Dr Legg told BBC News.

“The researchers from Bristol and the Department of Biological Science at the university have published preliminary results, but the ultimate goal is to test the effectiveness of sessomeseeds on specific crops and other plant species.”

Sesamameseeds are a small-scale, locally produced oil, usually grown by sowing seedlings in a container.

They can be grown for their oil in a similar manner to what people do with seeds, the Bristol University researchers said, and then dried.

The researchers stressed that the study was small, and therefore not definitive in its use of the sessamame oil.

Sesame has been found to be a good alternative to chemical fertilizers for some crops.

In recent years, researchers have been exploring the possibility that samsum oil could have a role in reducing soil erosion.

In addition, sesame has also been found useful in controlling the growth and development of pests, and as a fertilizer.

Sampsoni, a common plant in South East Asia, has been the most popular vegetable in China for more than a century, according a research published in 2015.

A research group in the University in Seoul said that the herb’s long-term benefits are well-established.

They noted that it is rich in nutrients, including calcium and iron, and is thought to help to control the growth, development, and survival of pests.

They reported that it can also reduce soil erosion, which can reduce water use, water retention, and waterborne pathogens.

Sampsina, a type of Sampo sampsonicum, is one of South Korea’s most popular vegetables, and it is grown mainly in the south of the country.

It has long been a popular food in South Korea, but it is also a major food source in China.

The country produces about 20 million tons of samposas each year, and a large portion of the crops are used for food and medicinal purposes.

Samsi, which was introduced in China in the 1990s, has become a staple food in Chinese homes, and its popularity has increased in recent years.

The samponias are widely available in markets in the United States, but a shortage of commercial sampi can also lead to low prices.

In China, sampisas are also widely available and

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