How to Grow Basil in Kenya with Genovese: This is the Key

By now, you probably know about basil, the herb that grows in most parts of Africa, but it is a little harder to find in the developing world.

As the world’s largest producer, Kenya has been trying to grow it, but so far, it has been unsuccessful.

As a result, it is not uncommon for people to grow basil in Kenya.

The growing season is short, and there are no commercial growers.

But there are plenty of places that can be grown in kennels or garages, where people can relax and watch their garden.

It is also a fun thing to do, as you will get to see the leaves on the outside of your garden and even enjoy seeing them grow!

To grow basil outdoors, you will need to plant the basil plants on the ground.

When they are fully grown, the basil plant should have four stems.

You will need two, and two will be the petioles, or leaves, and the flowers.

In order to keep the basil growing, you should make sure to cut the petiole so that you have the proper amount of space to plant them.

To start, start with a large pot with a lid that covers it.

Place your basil plant in the pot.

If it has four stems, it should be placed on the base of the pot, and if it has two, it will be placed directly above the pot with its petioles on the top.

Next, place your basil seedlings in the pots.

The basil seedling should be a few inches from the base and should be attached to the base with twine or a small piece of string.

You can either grow basil on the seedlings directly, or you can put them into a greenhouse, which is easier and safer.

In the greenhouse, you can plant the seedling directly in the greenhouse or in a small container, but you must make sure that the container is completely dry.

To keep the seeds from drying out, you need to place them into the container with the basil in it, or in the plastic bag with the seeds in it.

Once the basil seed is in the container, place it into a sunny spot where the sun is shining.

Next you need a few cups of water.

In this case, you want to use enough water to cover your basil plants for about a day, so that it does not get too dry.

Once you have finished watering the basil, place the basil seeds directly into the pot again.

The seedlings will grow quickly in a few weeks, and they should be ready for harvest by the time the plants are harvested.

Basil grows well in a variety of climates, and it is usually grown outdoors, but in colder climates, the plants should be planted in the shade.

It does take a while for the basil to grow, but when it does, it can be quite hard to see it growing, and that is one of the best things about it!

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