How to grow fresh basil seeds in Australia

With the arrival of basil seeds, Australia’s booming basil seed industry is on the rise.

But growing fresh basil can take time, and it’s often not recommended unless you know how to properly harvest the basil seeds.

Here are the key things you need to know before planting fresh basil.


Can I plant basil in a garden or a backyard?

Basil seeds can be grown in gardens or in a backyard, but this will not work for flowering basil.

The seeds will not germinate.

A growing basil plant requires a high humidity, high light and humidity.


Can basil seeds be grown indoors?

Yes, they can.

But you’ll need to be careful not to overwater your plants.

The plants will die when they reach a certain height, and they can die without a proper drainage.

If your garden is large enough, you may need to allow them to grow on a terrace.


Can you use basil seeds for other plants?


Basil seedlings can be planted indoors or outdoors.

If you’re growing basil seeds outdoors, it’s important to plant the basil seedlings in a well-drained, well-soiled and well-ventilated area.

Plants that need to grow outside can be overwatered, and the seeds can dry out before they can germinated.

The best place to store basil seeds is in a bag, in a fridge or in an airtight container, such as a freezer bag.


Can the basil plant be kept in a greenhouse?

Yes if you’re using basil seeds indoors, or if you have a greenhouse.

If basil seeds are stored in a container, keep the container covered, so they can be kept dry.

You may want to cover the containers with plastic or glass for extra protection.


Can fresh basil be grown outside?

Basil seed plants can be propagated outside if they are grown at the correct temperatures and humidity levels.

For more information on how to plant basil seeds outside, see Growing fresh basil outside.


Can Basil seed be grown from seeds?

Basil is not a viable plant if grown from seed.

If fresh basil is grown from basil seeds you’ll have to wait until the basil is flowering before you can harvest the seedlings.


Can people grow basil seeds without fertilisers?

No, because basil seed plants cannot tolerate fertilisers.

If a basil seed is fertilised, the seed will die before the basil flowers, and you’ll be unable to harvest the seeds.

It’s important that you don’t fertilise basil seedling basil if you plan to plant it indoors.


Can some seeds be used for basil?

Yes – some seeds can help you make a strong, rich, green, sweet, or spicy basil seed.

The key is to keep them well drained and covered with water.


Can a basil plant withstand drought?

It depends.

Basil can tolerate some water deprivation, but the seedling will not.

If water deprivation occurs in early summer or fall, basil seed can be very poor in nutrients, but it can thrive in water and nutrients.


Can salt be used to protect basil seeds?

Yes: if you want to use salt for basil seed, it needs to be applied to the basil.

Use a salt-free or salt-rich solution to make sure it stays fresh and flavourful.

Do not add a salt solution to fresh basil seed and you won’t be able to harvest them.

For a more detailed explanation on salt and basil seed use, see How to plant and harvest basil seeds at home.

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