When to grow basil

Growing your own garden in Italy is becoming more and more popular.

But before you head to the shops for a fresh batch of the plant, make sure to get some basil.

There are many reasons to grow your own in Italy, but one of the most popular is the weather.

In fact, there is a growing trend of growing basil in cold weather.

There are also growing seasons that are shorter in Italy.

So, when it’s time to harvest your basil, you will need to know what time of year you want to harvest.

There is no official time of harvesting for basil, but the time varies depending on where you live.

In northern Italy, it is usually harvested in early spring, and in the south it is harvested in late summer and autumn.

It is important to know how much basil you need to harvest before deciding how much to buy.

If you are going to harvest a lot of basil, make it a plan that you are looking forward to harvesting.

For example, if you are planning on harvesting a lot, you may want to make a plan of where you are likely to harvest the basil before deciding on how much you will buy.

The amount of basil you harvest depends on where it grows.

Basil is very difficult to grow in a climate controlled environment.

So, if there is too much sunlight in the garden, you can get more than the amount you need.

If the temperature is too cold, you need a lot more basil to harvest than if the temperature was too hot.

When you are harvesting basil, it’s important to choose the basil that you like the best.

The best basil is harvested from the leaves and stems, so it should be something that is easy to harvest and will yield the best basil.

For the best tasting basil, use plants that have good leaves and flowers.

You can also try to find basil plants that are more tolerant of a warmer climate.

You should also try out the basil varieties that have been cultivated in Italy and learn how they grow.

Basil plants are usually more robust and will produce a larger harvest.

The basil plant is a plant that has been used for thousands of years.

Many people think of basil as being from the same genus as the mint and the mint leaves, but this is incorrect.

Basil does not actually belong to the mint family.

Basil actually comes from a group of plants called the genus Ruminans.

The plants that were first used as basil have been known as “cocuria” and were used as medicine for thousands and thousands of year.

There is some disagreement about whether they are from the mint or the basil family.

However, there are certain varieties of basil that are used to make various foods and drinks.

If you like basil, these varieties can be an excellent choice for growing basil.

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