Which basil is the freshest in Australia?

Growing basil outdoors in Australia is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to enjoy the plants.

Here’s a guide to which is the best basil in the country.


Kastle Basil Kastles are tiny, oval, round-shaped plants that resemble small cucumbers.

They’re a staple of summer meals, but can be grown indoors for more than a few weeks.

They come in various sizes, from small to large, and the best varieties have long green leaves that have been shaped into a ball.


Thistle Basil Thistle basil is one the largest plants in the world, measuring 10cm (4in) across and growing to over 6cm (2in) in diameter.

It’s also one of Australia’s most popular herbs, with its bright yellow flowers and delicate fragrance.

Its most popular form is its spiky-edged stems, which are used to decorate plants and as a decoration for ornamental items.

Thistles grow best in shade and require good drainage, but you can grow them indoors.


Pomegranate Basil Pomegarnia can be a popular basil for those wanting to keep the plant as a winter garden plant.

It grows to a height of 1.2 metres (5ft), but if you plant it outside you may be able to grow it inside.

It prefers light shade and should be planted in a location that is at least 2.5 metres (9ft) apart, as it can reach up to 8 metres (26ft) in height.

If you have a lot of water, plant the plant in the ground and let it dry out.

The leaves are edible and can be eaten as a salad, but there’s a risk of poisoning.


Lava Basil The name Lava comes from its distinctive white, bright-green flowers.

The plant is often used as a vegetable and it grows to up to 6 metres (20ft) tall, with a long stem that can reach more than 20 metres (65ft) across.

Its seeds are also edible.

If it’s grown outdoors it’s best to plant it in the garden, where it’s easier to get water.

Larger varieties grow in containers or in the shade and are also popular as an edible.


Pineapple Basil Pineapple basil is a very popular garden herb.

It has long, dark green leaves, with white flowers that look like a pineapple.

Pineapples are sometimes called pine trees because they look like trees.

It is an annual, meaning that it only grows once every 30 years.

Pineapras are a favourite garden plant for growing outside, especially when the soil is moist and the climate is warm.

It likes warm weather, especially in summer, but the plants can also be grown in a cooler climate.

Pine is one for the climate, but it is best grown in the south-west.


Rosemary Basil Rosemary is a perennial herb that is found in the north and west of the country, growing to more than 5 metres (16ft) high and up to 20 metres in height, with purple-orange flowers.

Roses grow best when they’re planted in well-drained soil.

Roses also have a wide range of edible seeds, including pistachios, raspberries, carrots and other fruit.

The flowers are edible, but they have a tendency to grow out of control, so avoid eating them.

They should be grown outside, where they won’t get eaten.


Pears Basil Pears are the most popular vegetable in Australia, and produce edible seeds that are highly nutritious and easy to digest.

Pesto and tomato sauce make up a popular dish, as well as salad and soups.

Pests can be difficult to control, however, so they’re best planted in gardens.

Plants can also produce seeds that can grow outside, so be careful when growing outside.


Mint Basil Mint basil is an attractive green herb that grows well indoors.

It looks like small apples and is a favourite of children, especially those who like to play outside.

The fruit is a sweet-smelling herb, and can taste good, so you may want to add it to salads or soups for extra sweetness.

Mint is best planted outside, in a shade.


Peppermint Basil Peppermint basil is also a popular garden plant in Australia.

It can grow to heights of 2.6 metres (7ft), with its leaves dark green, with yellow flowers that are a bit like mint.

Peppermints are very popular in Australian gardens because of their flavour, with the leaves being very sweet.

You may want the peppermint seeds to be grown as an herb, rather than planted in the soil, where pests could attack them.

Pepper mints grow best where they’re dry and have water that can drain off quickly.

They are also suitable for a garden in which you want the flowers to remain green and produce a lot more of the essential oils.


Pepperweed Pepperwort is a plant

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