Why do basil and other herbs grow so well indoors?

The plant is able to take up a lot of moisture from the air, which is good for the plants, says Thomas Hirsch, an associate professor of plant science at the University of Maryland.

This makes it possible for basil to grow in the same pot as other herbs.

“We know that basil is an excellent container for medicinal herbs,” he says.

The most commonly used plant for medicinal purposes is sage.

Its leaves have a bitter taste that is very good for digestion, and the plants can be used for many different purposes.

There are several types of basil available: black and red varieties.

Black varieties are the most popular.

They are grown in large quantities and are a favorite of many people, including those with medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease.

These are also grown in pots.

Red basil is a small but distinctive, red, yellow or green variety, and is often grown as a medicinal herb.

Red or white varieties are sometimes grown for their oil.

These plants are less common, but can be harvested, used for culinary purposes and are often sold as herbs.

The herb can also be grown in containers that are not covered with leaves.

It is best for medicinal uses.

It can be grown outdoors in large pots, so it is ideal for growing herbs outside if you live in an area with good weather.

You can also grow it indoors if you want to use it for cooking.

Basil also has other uses for which it is particularly good.

For example, it can be added to salad dressing or eaten raw.

It also contains flavonoids that help the body absorb calcium.

“Basil is an important component of many dishes and beverages,” Hirsch says.

Some people prefer to eat the leaves or seeds, but it is important to use them properly.

“If you put them in a salad dressing, you can put them on top of anything,” he explains.

You should also remember that basil does not contain much oil and it can also have a strong odor.

It should not be used to make soup or other stews.

A few studies have shown that eating a small amount of basil leaves can reduce your risk of heart disease, especially in women, according to the American Heart Association.

But not everyone is as comfortable eating basil.

You may be more at risk if you have a history of heart problems, or if you take certain medicines that are known to be associated with heart disease.

“It’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to eating basil,” says Hirsch.

“Do your research before eating it.”

The herb is also used to treat asthma, eczema, arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions.

If you are unsure about the health risks of eating basil, you may want to check with your physician before trying it.

To make sure that you are getting the best use out of your basil, check out some of our recommended growing tips: Basil is a good source of iron.

Eating a small handful will help the plant absorb iron.

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