Growing basil outside U.K.

Growing basil outdoors in the UK is not as easy as growing it in your house.

It can be difficult to get the right conditions and a lot of time and patience.

But if you can, the world’s first basil growing zone in England has opened up and the basil has just grown in.

“We were actually pretty surprised by how fast it grew,” said John Giddings, owner of Gidders Basil Growing, which opened up in St. Andrew’s Green in the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

“It’s a really good idea to grow the basil in a small area so it’s just around the garden, so it can grow, but then we’ll have a little bit of space to grow.”

The Basil Growing Zone has been created by an investment fund called the London Basil Growers Trust.

The plan is to expand the area in the next few years to create another 500 square feet of basil garden, which will then be used for the growing of other species of basil.

Gidders basil growing, which is one of the first ever basil growing zones in the U.S., is located in the same area as a basil growing facility.

The basil garden is a small patch of land that grows on the back of a farm that is currently used to grow other crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants.

“So you’ll have an area that’s basically just an open space,” Gidds said.

“But if we wanted to do another garden we’d have to build a whole new greenhouse, and it would probably take us about 20 years to do that.

But it’s not going to be as much of a challenge for us.”

The basil garden area is located around a garden shed that was previously used to house the basil garden.

The Basil Grower Trust says they are working to get a licence to grow and sell the basil.

Giddies said it’s going to take them about six months to get that done.

The basil is one species of the genus Basil, which means that the basil is often called basil, basil flower, or basil.

It’s usually used as a flavor enhancer in foods, including tomatoes, and is also used in spices.

Gidings said that growing basil in the garden was a great idea because he was able to use it for tomatoes that he has planted at the basil farm.

“When we were doing our basil research and finding out that we had some basil plants growing outside and it was growing so well, it made sense to do something similar,” Gidings explained.

“The basil was just a really cool plant to grow with.”

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