How to grow basil outside Australia

The first thing you need to know about growing basil is that it’s a plant, not a tree.

You need a growing medium, and then you need a greenhouse to keep your basil plants warm and dry.

The problem is that you can’t grow basil in Australia, and not many people are interested in growing it in their backyard. 

In an attempt to get some new ideas going, I’ve been experimenting with different ways of growing basil, and I’ve managed to grow a few basil plants in the past year.

This post will outline how I did it.

I had heard that growing basil in a greenhouse is possible, but I had no idea how easy it would be to do it.

I was expecting to need a lot of equipment to keep my basil plants alive and healthy, and a lot to make sure that they grew to their full height and vigor. 

But I’ve done it.

After months of researching, I have discovered a few things about growing the plant that are actually pretty helpful. 

The first thing I needed to do was find a good growing medium.

I knew that basil was very sensitive to cold, and my basil grew very well in a fridge freezer.

So I was excited to find out that I could grow basil indoors. 

It was hard finding a good container, and the temperature in my garden was in the 60s and I was looking forward to the summer months. 

I decided to start with a pot that had a lot going on inside it. 

When I was shopping for a new pot, I came across an Amazon item called a “baking pot” for indoor gardening. 

This is what it looked like:It was so cool and pretty.

The pot had two large holes in it, one for ventilation and one for air circulation. 

Once I was satisfied that I liked what I saw, I started researching the different kinds of pots. 

Amazon has a pretty comprehensive list of different kinds, but it was really hard to find one I liked.

I settled on this one because it had everything I wanted, and because it was a “good” looking pot.

I got it from a store called Amazon Fresh. 

What I did next was to read up on the different types of basil plants.

The plants I’ve grown are all grown in a variety of different places. 

One of the main things that makes basil grow in different places is the plant’s root system.

This is what I think makes basil different from most other plants: The roots of basil are very small, and therefore they can easily be crushed and sucked into a compost pile to produce fertilizer. 

So instead of just planting a lot in a container, I made a few pots to have at home.

I chose the smaller ones, because they are easier to manage and I could just throw them away if I needed. 

Next, I got a couple of containers that I’d picked up at a gardening store.

I thought that since I could compost the basil, I could also put it in a compost bin.

I put a couple in the fridge, and started making compost for the plants. 

For the plants, I used a lot more water than I normally would.

The more I used, the smaller the plants became, so I was careful to make certain that the compost bins were not too large. 

After I had some compost, I put it into a small pot that I kept in the bathroom.

I let the compost grow, and it eventually turned into composted tomatoes. 

My compost bin is very small because the tomatoes grow so well in it.

It was easy to do, and there were lots of small holes in the top that I didn’t want to dig through to get the compost out. 

As soon as I finished with the compost, it started to rot.

I then decided to use a composting bag to help me break up the compost.

This was the first time I had used a compost bag to break up a compost. If I didnít put enough compost in the bag, it would rot and start to look like a bunch of pebbles. 

Because the bag didníve any holes in one corner, I just had to dig around in it to get out the little pieces of compost.

I could do this for hours. 

And thatís how I got my basil growing. 

Eventually, I realized that the basil I was growing didníre actually growing in a single container. 

Hereís how it looked: It looks like a lot has been going on in there.

The first place I saw the basil was in my compost bin, and when I turned it on to try to get more compost in it was about 3 inches below the ground. 

Then, I thought, “Wow, itís really growing.”

It had a huge root system, and was actually growing its roots.

It wasnít just growing the plants in there, it was growing in the soil. 

To make it grow, I had

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