‘Loving life’: How basil can be a loving companion in a garden

The green basil plant has an extremely long, delicate, and powerful stem.

It can produce a flower at any time of year.

The stem, which is about 1 to 2 inches long, is attached to the top of the plant and has a long, flat end that protrudes from the top.

The end is attached by a string that can be attached to a vine or string of leaves.

The vine or leaf is called the stalk, and it can reach up to 15 feet long.

Basil can be grown in a variety of locations, including in containers and pots, as well as in the garden.

It’s a natural plant that can grow in all kinds of conditions.

However, it’s also used in the cosmetics industry and can be used to make cosmetic products such as balms, lotions, lotion, and lotion products.

The leaves of the basil plant are used in cosmetics.

The plant has been used in Chinese medicine and Chinese cosmetics for centuries.

The root of the herb has been called “bamboo-scented.”

The plant is native to the Himalayas, India, and Nepal, but it has spread around the world over the past two millennia.

For thousands of years, the plant has also been used to treat ailments, such as rheumatism and headaches, and as a medicinal plant.

The herb has also become a popular ingredient in perfumes and body care products.

Many people believe that the herb is powerful, and can heal the skin and relieve pain.

However the plant can also cause allergic reactions.

It is a plant that is not safe for eating, and its seeds can cause dermatitis.

The effects of eating basil can include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

There is a lot of confusion about the safety of eating the herb, but eating the plant is not recommended for most people.

The seeds of the “green basil” are used to produce the product “green tea,” which is a popular beverage.

The product is sold in China and other parts of the world.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, green tea is considered safe for adults under the age of 18, but some studies have shown that it can cause severe allergic reactions and even death.

The use of the product can cause a reaction called anaphylaxis, which can cause swelling in the lungs and chest.

Anaphylactic reactions are very rare in the U of T, but can happen in the future.

According the Food and Drugs Administration, the most common reaction to eating the leaf is itching.

People who have allergic reactions to the plant have reported that itchy skin on their arms, legs, or face, which also can lead to itching and itching, according to the FDA.

Itchy skin is usually mild and lasts for a few days.

However people who have experienced a reaction to the leaf are advised to get medical attention.

Symptoms of anaphyseal reaction include itching, chest pain, swelling of the throat, breathing problems, and wheezing.

Other symptoms include an increase in temperature, difficulty breathing, and difficulty breathing.

People with severe allergic reaction to basil should not eat or drink any of the leaves.

Anyone who has experienced anaphysic reactions should consult a doctor immediately.

For more information about basil, read our article on the plant.

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