When It’s OK to Buy Fresh Basil, But Don’t Just Grow It

Growing basil is no longer the easy, one-day ritual of a salad.

You can now plant basil plants in pots in your backyard and even plant the seeds in your garden to harvest the new plant in spring.

For the first time, you can enjoy a whole basil plant with its seed pods in its natural habitat.

If you grow basil plants, be sure to harvest all the seed pods, including the seeds from the young plants, before the seeds can germinate.

For more information on growing basil, see Growing basil.

To prepare basil, cut the plant into two parts.

Cut the plant’s stems and leaves, then cut the halves in half.

For basil plants grown outdoors, the stems are a bit thicker than the leaves.

Cut a small section of the stalk from the base of the stem, then discard the rest of the stems.

To remove the stem and leaves from the basil plant, use a small knife to pry the stem off.

For large basil plants (those that can be grown indoors), cut the stalk off the top of the plant with a razor blade.

Place the basil seed pods on the stems and cut the stem into half-inch slices.

Place seeds in a small pot, cover with water, and let them germinatate for one week.

After the one-week period, place the basil plants back in the pot and let the seeds germinating take hold.

For larger basil plants that can tolerate a cool environment, you may need to water the plant twice a day during the germination period.

To do this, place a plastic bag in a glass of water and pour it over the plant.

Pour the water over the basil for at least 30 minutes to allow the water to drain.

After one week, you will see the seeds begin to germinates and begin to shoot.

The seeds will sprout at the top.

When the plants are ready to harvest, cut them in half lengthwise, cut a piece of the base, and discard the other half.

The leaves and the stem are removed from the stems, and the plant is ready to be picked.

For smaller basil plants you can trim the leaves and cut them into smaller pieces.

Place a plastic plastic bag over the seed pod, then place a small piece of cut basil in the plastic bag.

Place seed pods under the plastic.

Cover the bag and let it sit for a week, then harvest the basil.

For an even more organic harvest, place basil seeds into a food processor and process them for about 20 minutes.

To get an even bigger harvest, add more basil to the food processor to produce more basil seeds.

For a more sustainable harvest, you could grow basil seedlings in a greenhouse, but if you are growing basil indoors, you should be careful.

It is best to harvest basil seeds in the ground, where the temperature is cooler and less humid than the ground.

If your basil plant is very sensitive to cold, you might want to place it outdoors in an area with less air circulation.

For outdoor basil, the temperature should be between 80 and 85 degrees F. To harvest basil seedling plants indoors, place seed pods near the ground and wait until the soil begins to thicken.

You may need several weeks to harvest a plant.

You should also check your basil plants after harvest to see if they have survived the winter.

You might want them to be trimmed before you harvest them to ensure that they have not been overwatered.

For information on picking basil seed, see How to grow basil.

For a more organic, seasonal harvest, use basil seeds harvested from basil seeds for salads.

They will be less sweet and have a more natural flavor.

For fresh basil, use seeds that are in the fresh state.

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