Why basil is so important for your health

Growing basil indoors, pruning it and storing it for a rainy day can all help reduce your risk of catching a deadly bacterial disease.

The plant has a reputation for its medicinal qualities, and a new study has found that growing it indoors can also help protect your lungs.

A study published in the journal Preventive Medicine found that the number of lung cancer cases decreased in those who grew basil outdoors and in those living in areas with high humidity.

The study also found that basil was found to have fewer toxic compounds than a standard greenhouse, and less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

But basil is also known to be quite a pest.

It can cause serious respiratory problems and has been linked to respiratory problems in pets and people who work with it.

So, to help combat the pest, the scientists behind the study wanted to determine if there were ways to combat basil growing indoors.

To do that, they compared two different indoor growing conditions.

One was a standard basil grow room with a canopy that covers a large part of the plant.

The other was a smaller, two-story greenhouse that was made up of three or four trees with a smaller canopy covering a larger part of it.

The scientists looked at both conditions and found that while the two grow rooms had similar growth rates, the smaller grow room had a lower number of bacteria than the larger grow room.

The researchers concluded that this difference may be due to the smaller canopy that the two environments use to store the basil.

The study also compared indoor growing of basil to growing other plants indoors, like tomatoes and peppers.

Both of these conditions are also known for causing problems, but researchers say the findings from this study suggest that growing basil indoors is also beneficial.

It’s important to note that the study was based on a small sample size.

Researchers only measured the amount of bacteria per plant, so the results are probably too small to tell if basil can actually be a good option for indoor growing.

The researchers did find that growing plants indoors is more environmentally friendly.

This means that the plants will produce fewer CO2 emissions when they grow indoors.

The research also found an overall reduction in CO2 production when basil plants are grown outdoors compared to growing indoors, which the researchers said could have an environmental benefit.

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