Why is basil growing so quickly?

Growing basil can be a challenge in the US.

While some growers have been able to adapt their techniques, others have been left to their own devices.

In California, for example, a growing concern is basil wilting and the plant dying before it can reach its full flowering potential.

In Washington state, however, the basil plant is being grown with the help of a strain of wild basil called wild basil that was discovered by an American scientist.

It has been dubbed the “bronze strain” and is now being grown in Washington State.

The plant is a native of the Mediterranean region, and the name “brontis” is a portmanteau of “bonton” and “basil”.

“The brontis strain has been shown to produce more basil, with a more vigorous flowering period, and it’s growing at an unprecedented rate,” said Dr. Andrew Latham of the Washington State Department of Ecology and Natural Resources.

In the past, the state’s basil growers have used a different strain of basil, called the redbud, to grow the plants.

Latham’s team was able to create a strain that was genetically identical to the red bert, which was also used to grow a strain called the green bert.

But Latham said it is important to look at the whole plant, not just the seedlings.

“The genetics are all over the place, and all we have is seedlings,” he said.

“We’re looking at the entire plant and we have a lot of variability in terms of the different traits that the plants have, but the whole thing is still very important.”

While the bronti plant is growing rapidly in Washington state and other parts of the US, Latham expects that in the future, the plants could become resistant to herbicides and other pesticides.

He said that is something that could affect the whole crop.

“We’re not seeing it as a problem now, but there will be time where it’s not going to be the same as it is right now,” he explained.

“It’s very likely that if it gets too tolerant, it could go on to become a pest.”

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