When It’s OK to Buy Fresh Basil, But Don’t Just Grow It

Growing basil is no longer the easy, one-day ritual of a salad.You can now plant basil plants in pots in your backyard and even plant the seeds in your garden to harvest the new plant in spring.For the first time, you can enjoy a whole basil plant with its seed pods in its natural habitat.If […]

What to know about growing basil indoors

Growing basil outdoors is not a problem if it’s kept in containers, says the American Gardening Association, and even in a few places the growing season is a little longer.Growing outdoors means the plant is protected from frost, so you don’t need to worry about frost damage.But growing indoors requires special care.The American Horticultural Society […]

Which basil varieties are the best for growing your own?

The best basil varieties, the ones that have a long history of growing well, can also be the easiest to grow.They are not all super hardy or require a lot of water, but some are.The key to growing your basil is the plant’s root system.Here are the top contenders.Grow your own Basil With the roots […]

How to Grow Balsamic in Texas

Growing basil in Texas is actually pretty simple, but the steps can vary from state to state.Here are some tips for growing your own balsamic.1.The Basics: Balsamic is a relatively slow growing plant, meaning it takes about four weeks to fully grow.The plant needs to be given about a week to complete this process.Once it’s […]

When to grow canola in a country

When to plant canola for vegetable production in a growing country.It depends on the area and the climatic conditions.Some canola grows in temperate climates in areas such as the US or Europe.Other countries such as Brazil have low average temperatures and little rainfall.In these areas, canola can grow outdoors.The growth cycle varies with different plants, […]

How to Grow Thai Basil

Growing basil indoors is one of the easiest ways to improve its flavor.Learn more about thai and growing basil.Thai basil is a perennial plant native to Thailand and grows to about 12 feet tall, though it can grow to as much as 15 feet.Thai basil has been cultivated for thousands of years as a vegetable.It’s […]

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