Watch this video for more information about basil growing

Growing sweet basil is a tricky task, as it requires a lot of patience and a lot more than a few plants.But once you have the basic equipment, you’ll find it’s incredibly rewarding and a great way to get a taste of the local basil.Watch this video to learn how to grow sweet basil, and […]

You Can Grow Purple Basil Outside In Your Home!

Growing your own purple basil indoors is great for your home.It will make you feel like you’re home in your own home.You can get a lot of variety of herbs growing in your home too.Here are some of the best growing tips that I found.Purple basil growing outdoors purple basil growing inside purple basil,how to […]

Basil growing conditions for growers in Thailand

Basil growing season in Thailand is from March to November.Here are the growing conditions you should be aware of: Basil growing temperature: basil growing temperature ranges from 5 to 12 degrees Celsius depending on the soil type and the season.The growing temperature depends on the amount of moisture the soil has absorbed.It can range from […]

How to Grow Basil Aquaponics in Your Home

Growing basil aquascaping plants in your home can be a great way to increase your yield, especially if you are growing basil in a greenhouse or an aquaponic tank.With basil growing temperature ranges of from 25°F to 35°F, this will allow you to produce large amounts of fresh, nutrient-rich, nutrient dense and nutrient-poor fresh basil […]

Growing basil indoors: The best pesto for basil

Growing basil outdoors is the best pestocin for basil, a grower has discovered. The plant is known for its ability to tolerate heat and moisture, and has a high tolerance to cold temperatures.The result is that a single serving of basil can be used as a pesto that can be made with all types of herbs […]

How to grow basil in your garden

Growing basil in a pot is no simple matter.Here’s how to get started.Basil is one of the few herbs that can be grown outdoors without much help from the soil.The weather can be very harsh outdoors, and the plants themselves can get frostbitten, so make sure your plant is protected.Basil plants grow best in direct […]

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