How does basil grow from stem?

The basil plant is an ancient flowering shrub native to South America.It has been growing in many countries, from Australia to India, for thousands of years.It can be grown in several different forms.Here’s how it grows: Growing basil from the ground is the easiest way to grow basil.To start, take the stems from the stems […]

How to grow thyme and mint indoors

Growing thyme, mint and basil indoors can help you feel more like yourself and get a boost in energy, according to growing expert, Dr David Anderton.Mr Andertons new book ‘The Garden of Life’ details the process of growing plants in an organic garden.“You will notice that herbs will take on a different colour and smell […]

How to grow fresh basil seeds in Australia

With the arrival of basil seeds, Australia’s booming basil seed industry is on the rise.But growing fresh basil can take time, and it’s often not recommended unless you know how to properly harvest the basil seeds.Here are the key things you need to know before planting fresh basil.1.Can I plant basil in a garden or […]

What is the freshest basil you can buy?

By Kaitlin Johnson — FEBRUARY 06, 2020A basil plant grows in a garden in New York City.The plant is not a weed but a native of the tropical coastal region of Brazil and is grown for its stinging properties.It is often used in a herb salad.This basil plant has been in use for at least […]

Fresh basil growing outside grows outdoors

The growing of basil outside in a greenhouse can be a beautiful experience.Growing outdoors in the garden can also be an incredibly rewarding experience.In this article, I will share with you the process of growing basil indoors in a home greenhouse.I will also show you how to add fresh basil to your daily meals, or […]

Why basil grows so well in your kitchen

It’s a story of evolution and resilience, and of resilience against the pressures of climate change and industrialization.It’s also a story about a little girl who grew up to be a big-time entrepreneur, helping others find success.For years, a small town in eastern Wisconsin named Basil grew a diverse array of herbs for cooking, baking […]

Fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, a healthy diet: What’s next for basil growing in Australia?

Fresh basil and fresh tomatoes are just two of the things that you can expect to see in Basil Grow Light’s new garden in the Gold Coast.A local growing business has already signed up to grow the growing seasonals and a couple of small organic farmers are already looking to start producing the herbs.The plan […]

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